MSC re-certification process enters its final phase

The Public Comment Draft Report for the South African Hake Trawl Fishery has been published for a 30-day period of comment on the MSC website. It is also available here and the MSC’s official announcement about the report is available here.

If you have any comments on the accuracy of the report or the outcome of the assessment by Intertek Fisheries Certification, please contact the Lead Assessor, Jim Andrews by 1700 GMT on 9 March 2015. Any comments should be supported by objective evidence. They will be documented and taken into account in the final decision on certification of the fishery.

Intertek Fisheries Certification notifies identified stakeholders directly through email. If you know of anyone who may be interested in this notification please forward it to them and notify Intertek so that they may be added to the list of stakeholders. It should be noted that because email is not a foolproof way of transmitting notifications, stakeholders are advised to subscribe to the free notification service provided by the MSC here.

A guide to stakeholder input to fishery assessments has been produced by the MSC. It is available for download here.

If you have any queries about this notice, please contact:

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