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SADSTIA celebrates interns’ success

The opportunity to write reports, use mapping software, attend courses and visit fishing company installations were identified as some of the advantages of participating in the first intake of the SADSTIA Graduate Internship Programme which came to an end in April. The programme provided 12-month internships to 20 young graduates, thanks to a partnership with […]

Study highlights the role of the environment in the life cycle of deep-water hake

A recently published study has shed new light on the life cycle of deep-water hake Merluccius paradoxus, the species of Cape hake that accounts for approximately 85% of the catches of the deep-sea trawl fishery. The study “Oxygen and temperature influence the distribution of deepwater Cape hake Merluccius paradoxus in the southern Benguela: a GAM […]

Cameras show real potential for catch monitoring

This story was first published in Fishing Industry News. Monitoring the catches of the deep-sea trawl fishery with cameras is not only efficient and affordable, but it has the potential to substantially improve the management of bycatch in the fishery, a new study has found. The cameras that were mounted in the fish factory of […]

Collaboration is the key to the future management of deep-water hake stocks

A panel of five international fisheries experts has encouraged South Africa to work more closely with its neighbour, Namibia, in the management of hake stocks. The experts, who spent a week in early December analysing the state of South Africa’s major renewable marine resources, scrutinized the latest genetic studies of hake to better understand the […]