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Fishing industry demonstrates strong support for world-renowned professor

September 12, 2019/by Jef

Deep-sea trawling industry welcomes the postponement of the allocation of long-term rights

August 6, 2019/by Jef

Minister Barbara Creecy’s speech to the Fisheries Stakeholder Forum meeting, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

June 19, 2019/by Jef

SADSTIA announces expanded graduate internship programme

June 5, 2019/by Jef

The global footprint of bottom trawling is smaller than we think

October 25, 2018/by Jef

Apply for a life-changing internship in the fishing industry

October 15, 2018/by Jef

Fishing industry announces new opportunities for graduates

September 20, 2018/by Jef

Hake has a low environmental impact

June 26, 2018/by Mel Hodgson

International experts lend scholarly weight to the trawl fishery’s management

January 26, 2018/by Jef

Ellen Khuzwayo survey to quantify the impacts of trawling

January 26, 2018/by Jef

Animation captures the dangers of mining marine phosphates

November 20, 2017/by Jef

Offshore Trawl Bycatch FCP First Annual Report

November 6, 2017/by Jef

International study measures the impact of trawling on the seabed

August 14, 2017/by Jef

SADSTIA communications manager wins SANCOR award

August 14, 2017/by Jef

SADSTIA elects a new Executive Committee

June 21, 2017/by Jef

Fisokuhle Mbatha, has begun a year long internship with SADSTIA.

April 12, 2017/by Jef

Code of Conduct ushers in new era of cooperation in the fishing industry

February 22, 2017/by Jef

The review of the allocation of rights to the inshore fishery for hake and sole has been postponed to late April 2017

February 7, 2017/by Jef

A tribute to Barrie Rose, a driving force force behind the “greening” of the deep sea trawl fishery

January 3, 2017/by Jef

Court sets aside experimental fishing permit for horse mackerel

November 9, 2016/by Jef

Fishing companies at the top of “Most Empowered Companies” list

October 12, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

Farewell to Henk de Beer, the fisherman’s friend

October 8, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

World renowned fisheries scientist, Ray Hilborn, visits South Africa

August 29, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

Deep-sea trawl operators and WWF-SA team up to tackle by-catch issue

May 18, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

I&J veteran is Skipper of the Month

April 29, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

Leon Henry is Skipper of the Month

March 8, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

Seabed experiment enters its third year

January 27, 2016/by Tayo Kopfer

South Africa’s trawling industry association emphasises the fishery is safe and closely regulated

October 2, 2015/by Tayo Kopfer

Loss of the MFV Lincoln

September 28, 2015/by Tayo Kopfer

SADSTIA secretary appointed to MSC Stakeholder Council

July 15, 2015/by Tayo Kopfer

SADSTIA gets MSC vote of confidence

May 27, 2015/by Tayo Kopfer

Seabed experiment continues as scientist journey on Ellen Khuzwayo

January 29, 2015/by Tayo Kopfer

SADSTIA hosts MSC Stakeholder Council members in Cape Town

October 23, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

View photographs of the SADSTIA dinner for the Marine Stewardship Council members

October 16, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

A tribute to Roy Bross

September 8, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

Seabird conservation success story

June 4, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

MSC re-certification process enters its final phase

February 23, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

Seabed recovery experiement

February 18, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

Stunning images open a window on the deep-sea world

February 14, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

Camera to capture the impacts of trawling

February 5, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

Five-yearly MSC re-assessment to begin

January 24, 2014/by Tayo Kopfer

International fisheries experts endorse hake OMP

December 17, 2013/by Tayo Kopfer

SAMSA Marine Notices

January 15, 2013/by Tayo Kopfer