Empowerdex report 2019

Empowerdex report 2016

OMP Information

Thompson, E. 2012. Everything you wanted to know about the 2010 Operational Management Procedure (OMP) for the South African Merluccius paradoxus and M. capensis resources. Olrac. 27 May 2012.

The Constitution of SADSTIA

Bycatch Management Strategy

Attwood, C.G. 2012. Revised bycatch management strategy for South Africa’s inshore trawl fishery. Discussion document prepared for the Bycatch Task Team. 5 March 2012.

Benthic Report 2012

Sink, K.J.; Wilkinson, S.; Atkinson, L.J., Sims, P.F.; Leslie, R.W. & Attwood, C.G. 2012. The potential impacts of South Africa’s demersal hake trawl fishery on benthic habitats: Historical perspectives, spatial analyses, current review and potential management. 29 February 2012. – PDF / 1.7MB

Monkfish assessment

Glazer, J.P. & Butterworth, D.S. 2011. An updated assessment of the South African monkfish resource. Lophius vomerinus. Report submitted to the Demersal Scientific Working Group, October 2011.