SADSTIA members

In the deep-sea trawling industry, right-holders generally do not conduct business as “one ship, one quota” entities. Instead, they work together in clusters to optimise the use of fishing rights or vessels.

Although 52 fishing rights were allocated in 2006, a degree of consolidation has taken place and there are currently 30 entities operating in the industry. The members of SADSTIA are listed here according to the clusters in which they work.

I&J ClusterIrvin & Johnson (Pty)
Sea Harvest ClusterSea Harvest Corporation Ltd.
Vuna Fishing Co. (Pty) Ltd.
Oceana ClusterAmawandle Hake (Pty) Ltd.
Combined Fishing Enterprises CC.
Ntshonalanga Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Pellsrus Historical Fishing Corp CC.
Snoek Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd.
Blue Continent Products (Pty) Ltd.
Bhana Coastal Fishing CC.
Azanian Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
BP Marine Fish Products CC.
J Engelbrecht Visserye CC.
Hoxies Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
Community Workers Fishing Ent (Pty) Ltd.
Ntuitif (Pty) Ltd.
Premier Fishing SA
Eyethu ClusterEyethu Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Echalar ClusterMayibuye Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Offshore Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd.
Tradeforth 13 (Pty) Ltd.
KhoiQwa Fishing Development Company (Pty) Ltd.
Da Olim ClusterImpala Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Usuthu Fishing CC.
Rainbow Nation Fishing CC
Basani ClusterZWM Fishing (Pty) Ltd.
Visko Seeprodukte (Pty) Ltd.
Dyer Eiland ClusterDyer EilandVisserye
EFH Walters Trawling
Suidor ClusterSuidor Fishing (Pty) Ltd.